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The iPhone Repair Process

What is involved in the process to initiate your iPhone Repair.

iPhone Repair Process

The iPhone Repair Process

You can use the same process for other items that need to be repaired like and iPad, iPod, and Laptop Screen. Just include the model of the laptop in the text or online submission form below. If you need help with finding any of the information please feel free to contact us for help or check the guides listed here.

It is very simple to get your repair done, just call and schedule for an on site visit.

Schedule a date and time.
We come out to you or you can come to us.
We repair the device.
You enjoy it!
It’s that simple!

We do need to know some specifics for the device:

Who makes it (ex. Apple iPhone)
What model (ex. 3G)
Carrier (ex. AT&T)
Repair needed (ex. Cracked Digitizer)

If you are not sure any of these not to worry we can help you to find the information. How to find what model iPhone or iPod you have

Here are instruction on how to find which model you have. Most of the parts are specific to the exact model device you have along with the carrier. Some carriers have phones made just for them or based on their technology.

We primarily perform repairs during business hours at your location.

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